Time Freeze Muzzle


To create a Time Freeze Muzzle Flash you have to grab a footage where everything is still (your actors, no wind blowing, etc.).

For a nice effect it would be great if you could use a steadycam to create a smooth camera motion and no
shaky footage as you can see it in my breakdown.

Now the In-Depth Breakdown:

Step 1:
Film some still standing actors as you can see it in the breakdown video.

Step 2:
Import the footage into After Effects and choose the best part of the video, which will
later be your endvideo.
Now Render the Scene as a JPEG Sequence.
ATTENTION!! Keep the settings in the Render similar to your footage.
Framerate is the most important thing!

Step 3:
Open Boujou.
Click “Import Sequenz” on the Toolbox and choose your JPEG Sequence from your footage.

ATTENTION!! Again keep the import settings similar to your footage settings!

Assume the settings in the picture but change the framerate so it fixxes to your footage.
Click “Ok” or “Apply”.

Step 4:
To connect the muzzle flash to the weapon and not to the background, you have
to create a mask which tells boujou what area should be tracked.
To create a mask, click on the toolbox the button “Add Poly Mask” and mask around
your weapon. Move some frames forward and update your mask by clicking on the
corners to make the mask fix (Keyframes will be set automatically).

Step 5:
Invert the mask. Click on the toolbox the button “Taskview” , choose “Mask”,
click on the “+”, right click on “Mask 1” and choose “Properties”.
In the Pop up window click “Invert” and then “Ok”.

Step 6:
Go back to the toolbox and choose “Track Features”.
After the tracking choose “Camera solve”.

Step 7:
Move to the 1st Frame. Select two points (Cntl + left click) which are in a 90 degrees angle
and go to “3D Tasks” in the menu bar and choose “Add/Edit Scene Geometry”.

If you have two points selected, then click on the pop up window the button “Add Coord Frm Hint” and
after that, select what axis the two points are representing by clicking on “Type”. If you have two
points which are in a 90 degrees angle, you have to choose “y-axis” and click Connect to selected.
Do this step again for the x axis.
After doing this, close the Coord Window.

Step 8:
Now go to “Export” >> “Camera Solve”.

Choose your destinaton where you want to save you tracking data. Choose as export type
“After Effects (Maya) (*.ma)” and set up the scale scene (If you have HD video you have to type 1920).
Click “Save”. Open After Effects and import the tracking data file.

Step 9:
Make a new Comp and import your original footage.
Import the tracking data file and open it in AE. Copy the camera and paste it to your original footage
comp. Import 1 side muzzle flash and 2 straight muzzle flash. Import smoke and sparks.
Check the 3D box by the muzzle flashes, smoke and sparks elements.
Place the elements that it looks realistic.
Use 1 muzzle flash as fire which comes out of the barrel.

ATTENTION!! Place the side muzzle flash and the straight muzzle flash like you can see it in the picture to simulate a 3D muzzle flash.


If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

If you don’t have enough money to buy Boujou 5, you can

download it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhl3DlLgwKk

You can download the Project Files HERE.

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